HPE Insight Remote Support fails to start after reboot

We utilize HPE Insight Remote Support (IRS) at all our client sites, and typically have it running on either Windows 2008 R2 or Windows 2012 R2.  To simplify administration, we typically enable auto-update of IRS, which means IRS will download updates from HPE as they become available and self-update.  One of the lovely “features” that we discovered is that upon the next Windows server reboot after an IRS update (typically at 3am on the first Wednesday after the 2nd Tuesday of every month – thanks Microsoft), the HPRSMain service fails to start.  No amount poking, prodding or swearing will convince the service to start either.

The solution is to run a repair – except the HPE team doesn’t make that easy either as the only option in Add/Remove programs is to uninstall.  Fortunately, you should find the .msi for IRS in C:\ProgramData\HP\RS\DATA\SWM\LANDINGZONE\ProdUpgPkg\unzipped\lib.

So the quickest way to fix IRS at this point is to open an Administrative Command Prompt and run:

msiexec /f "C:\ProgramData\HP\RS\DATA\SWM\LANDINGZONE\ProdUpgPkg\unzipped\lib\hprs7kit.msi" /lv "%HP_RS_LOG%\hprs_recovery.log"

After a few minutes, the HPRSMain service should start and good until at least the next IRS update.

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